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End-of-Life Transition

When the time comes for you or your loved one to transition from the earthly body to spiritual after-life, our complimentary End-of-Life Transition Program will help you complete unfinished business, transition without regrets and pass peacefully.

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Heal Yourself And Others Peace and Healing

When the time comes to transition, we’re here to help.

Shamanic healing practices can help a patient to heal spiritually and emotionally to ease the pathway of transition. A dying patient uses energy in ways that a reasonably healthy patient does not. This energy can be more spiritual in nature and feels very gentle.

We offer our End-of-Life Transition service to dying individuals free of charge. Please select “End-of-Life Transition” when booking your appointment. Melissa will reach out to you via the contact information provided to set up your services.

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Helps individuals to die in peace

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Helps family with transition process

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Helps individuals die with no regrets

Personalized Healing Prgrams Peace and Healing


Your End-of-Life Transition Service may include:

Energy Healing + Recapitulation (life review)

Understanding Forgiveness, Offering It and Asking For It

Reconnecting with Loved Ones and Making Amends if Possible

Clearing the Energy Centers to Lighten Soul for Transition

Grief Altar (typically for family but dying might want to create one as well)

Aya Despacho (an offering honoring the deceased or can be done before passing)

Instructions for Fire Ceremony to Release Energies

Guided Meditation to Visit with Death

Guided Meditation to Visit Ancestors/Tribe Who Will Help With Transition

Final Death Rites After Passing to Release Soul to the Source

We do things alittle differently

We do things a little differently, and it makes a big difference.

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No pills or medication

We won’t add a prescription to your life.

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Non-invasive repair and self-healing

We won’t be using needles or anything invasive

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Complimentary to other treatments

No adverse reactions to other treatment plans

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End-of-Life Transition Service

Ease your transition from this world to the next.



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