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Chakra Clearing

In this class, you will learn the techniques for clearing and balancing your Chakras.

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About This Class

Learning how to clear your own Chakras

Many people understand or intuitively feel that their chakras are stuck or blocked and need to be cleared. Chakra cleansing helps when you feel blocked, your energy is depleted, or you are stuck in repetitive patterns.

This introductory class teaches you the location of the seven major chakras along with the physical and emotional issues associated with each. We finish with a short chakra meditation. You may also get some "energetic homework" to reinforce your learning.

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Helps promote
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Helps balance
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Helps release repetitive patterns

We do things alittle differently

We do things a little differently, and it makes a big difference.

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No pills or medication

We won’t add a prescription to your life.

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Non-invasive repair and self-healing

We won’t be using needles or anything invasive

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Complimentary to other treatments

No adverse reactions to other treatment plans

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Chakra Clearing Class (2-Hour Session)

This class teaches you to clear and balance your chakras, which promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


$75 per session

2-Hour Class Session

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