Overcome the internal and external obstacles that are holding you back and discover the feeling of living your true self.

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Say goodbye to emotional and physical pain. Say hello to tranquility, relaxation, and calm.

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Learn self-healing techniques like Chakra Clearing, Shamanic Journeying and Energy Medicine.

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Become a healer with our Reiki I & II, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Masterclass and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki training.

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Holistic healing — when traditional medicine isn’t enough

The demands of daily life can be taxing on your mind, body, and spiritual well-being. With our one-on-one personalized healing programs, you will have the tools to manage emotional and physical pain.

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We do things alittle differently

We do things a little differently, and it makes a big difference.

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No pills or medication

We won’t add a prescription to your life.

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Non-invasive repair and self-healing

We won’t be using needles or anything invasive

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Complimentary to other treatments

No adverse reactions to other treatment plans

Heal Yourself And Others Peace and Healing


Learn self-healing techniques in our classes

Want to learn some of the techniques we use in our healing programs for daily self-healing or to provide to others? Join one of our in-person or virtual advanced healing classes today.

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Chakra Clearing Shamanic Journeying Energy Medicine

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Heal Yourself And Others Peace and Healing

Become a healer with our advanced training

If healing and bringing joy to others is your passion, then one of our training programs is for you. Our Reiki Master, Melissa will mentor you through the journey of becoming an Usui/Holy Fire Reiki practitioner.

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Reiki One and Two Reiki MasterClass Karuna Reiki


5-Star Review

I had a great experience with my first reiki treatment. I didn’t know what to expect, but could tell Melissa knew what she was doing and knew how to relax the body and focus in stressed areas that needed extra help. I felt tension ease and, in the specific area where I had been feeling a lot of pain, Melissa concentrated the treatment in that area and it started feeling very warm and tingly. I would recommend this to anyone – it is a wonderful treatment for your body and very relaxing and healing.

Lauren H.
5-Star Review

Melissa does an awesome job of channeling Universal Life Energy during a Reiki session with her. I experienced, in the midst of the wonderful peacefulness, a renewal and increase in motivation for accomplishing a specific goal I desire. Her dedication and love for humanity definitely comes through. I highly recommend the experience to everyone!

Dorothy N.