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Anxiety and Depression Relief

When the feelings of anxiety and depression prevent you from experiencing joy and happiness, Energy Healing can help you feel pleasure again.

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Heal Yourself And Others Peace and Healing

Life doesn’t have to leave you feeling anxious and depressed.

The feeling of acute anxiety can be a normal and healthy emotion. You may feel anxious before giving a big presentation or before a first date, but when anxiety becomes constant, it can lead to chronic issues and sometimes depression.

With the unique power of energy healing and the structured approach of our Anxiety and Depression Relief Program, we work with you on tools to handle anxiety attacks and connect to a higher purpose which can result in fewer episodes of depression and an increase in the natural feeling of joy associated with your life.

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Helps reduce bouts of depression

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Helps connect to a higher purpose

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Helps increase the feeling of joy

Personalized Healing Prgrams Peace and Healing


Holistic Healing Techniques May Include

Daily Energy Routine Training

Emotional Freedom Tapping

Power Animal Retrieval Journey

Understanding the Projection/Creation Cycle

Holy Fire Reiki Experience + Decoupling to Release Fight or Flight

Illumination Technique

Higher Self Meditation + Decoupling to Release Fight or Flight

Release in Fire Ceremony

Extraction of Intrusive Energies

Soul Retrieval

Diamond Inlay Energy Grid

Forgiveness Exercise and Cord Cutting

We do things alittle differently

We do things a little differently, and it makes a big difference.

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No pills or medication

We won’t add a prescription to your life.

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Non-invasive repair and self-healing

We won’t be using needles or anything invasive

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Complimentary to other treatments

No adverse reactions to other treatment plans

Plans & Pricing

Five Stars

Anxiety and Depression Relief Program

Say goodbye to emotional and physical pain. Say hello to tranquility, relaxation, and calm.


$95 per session (90 minutes)

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